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Lake Placid Legacy (2018) (German sub )

Name:Lake Placid Legacy (2018) (German sub.)
Cover: Lake Placid
Movie Info: Lake Placid (1999) 5.5/10
You'll never know what bit you. - When a man is eaten alive by an unknown creature, the local Game Warden teams up with a paleontologist from New York to find the beast. Add to the mix an eccentric philanthropist with a penchant for "Crocs", and here we go! This quiet, remote lake is suddenly the focus of an intense search for a crocodile with a taste for live animals...and people!

Genre: Horror, Comedy, Action, Science Fiction, Thriller
Category:Movies > Other
Size:1.48 GB (100%)
Files:113 files
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Lake Placid Legacy (2018) (German sub.)/Lake Placid Legacy (2018) (German sub.).mp4 No 1.25 GB Sep 6, 2018
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